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How Writing Changed My Life? Finding A Sustainable Method To Help You Write Long Term

Key Takeaways

  • There are a lot of different reasons why people write, but I think one of the most sustainable methods of writing long-term and getting use and value out of writing is to write in a journal. When you start writing, everything is new and fresh, but after a couple months, it gets boring, and people quit cause they get bored. Their goal isn't put in the right place.

  • If you only want to look better, going to the gym is the worst reason to work out. The people who actually work enough at the gym to end up increasing their strength, flexibility, or their endurance, enjoy every day. I learned to write sustainably in the long term because I found something that made me happy every time I wrote something that gave me value every time, and this thing is the power of reflection, mindfulness, and emotional processing.

  • I've been journaling for seven years now, and I've written thousands of pages. I treat writing as a game, and I try to do one page a day, two pages a day, and I even trick myself into closing my eyes and starting to write.

  • I don't even worry about my grammars, because I have Chat GPT. I just type as fast as I can, and once I get to one or two pages, I just feed it into the Chat GPT, and it punctuates all of the writing for me.

  • It's awesome, it's definitely like the motivating factor, and I think that this is a philosophy I have for most things in life, that if you minimize the friction to engaging in the activity and maximize the value you get from the activity, it becomes self-sustainable.

  • I talked about finding a daily purpose, maximizing the value and satisfaction, and minimizing the friction. These are the little things that really help. For me, writing my journal was all consuming, and I lost a lot of potential opportunity to be actually engaging in this productive activity because I just didn't have the means to do it. I started this thing at some point where I'm like, oh, let's do like mobile entries, and then I took it a step further to the point where I stopped needing to label it, and I could write seamlessly into my journal from one central medium.

  • I stumbled upon a pretty good technology in Google Keep, which is an app and a browser based application. It's accessible on any browser and it's accessible on Android and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, et cetera.

  • Some people want to write by hand, and if that's what gives you that motivation, then go ahead and do it. But for me, writing by hand slows me down and takes the enjoyment out of it, but for some people it gives them enjoyment to write it by hand.

  • The Thai newsletter exists because of this guy. He is super fluent in English and doesn't struggle with expressing his thoughts as much as I do, but writing gets him a lot better at communicating

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