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The Art Of Hitting Your Target

Key Takeaway & Summary

  • If you set your target the right way, you'll be able to hit it very often and accomplish your goals.

  • When is the last time you hit your target? Hopefully those experiences can give you more clarity so that the next time you take a shot at the target you hit the bullseye.

  • Today, we're going to talk about targets, and we're going to help you learn how to set the target correctly and find the right tools and vehicle to help you get your target. The target is a fundamental piece, and it lets you know whether you're on track or off.

  • When you set your target the right way, you'll be able to hit it very often and achieve your long-term goals by giving you a clear Target.

  • Man, I have a target called the one thing, which is aligning my energies, activities, and daily progress towards knocking down the one thing that would make everything else either way relevant or obsolete.

  • I want to continue to publish more articles and I want to make it to the 100th first. Along the way, I will learn many skills that I built from success and failures that allows me to do better the next time.

  • Ricky just told you a quick story about a guy called Loss of Brunson who had a Target. He made consistent progress towards it every year and this motivated him to keep going.

  • To build your accountability, you have to produce some form of one-page production every day, and if you hit that target, you'll build more confidence and more motivation.

  • When you feel down, remember that you have a Target and every time you see that rich numbers it can motivate you to start doing something. This gives you confidence because you know exactly what you're going after.

  • A great question goes back to someone who I've learned a great deal from, and they talk about the journey of success and enjoying the process. And that gives you a sense of satisfaction and motivation and peace of mind as you make progress towards your Target.

  • The craziest thing is that the learning opportunities we have going forward as entrepreneurs, it's a mutual exchange of understanding, value and ideas. Finding people who understand your goals and are willing to work with you is a foundational piece, a level of understanding and a willingness to help.

  • The people that you work with are the scaffolding that allows you to reach your target and enjoy the process. When a business owner's company grew to make over a million dollars in profit, the people he was working with didn't have the same long term mindset about the business. So the company was sold, and the possibility of future growth was lost.

  • If you're a non-entrepreneur or an existing business owner and you're only focused on this first layer, you might be putting yourself in a situation where maintaining and enjoying the process could be hindered.

  • If you don't have a target, make sure you can do the same thing as Kiza is doing, which is to pull out the piece of paper out of whiteboards, write down your targets, and start hitting that and getting that out the list.

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