The Power of Newsletters: Writing with Confidence

Key Takeaways

  • English is not my first language and writing was terrifying back then for me, but now I learn about writing through experience. Today we're gonna talk about the power of newsletters and why you should start the newsletters.

  • Warren Buffet has multi-billion dollar business with only newsletters, and we encourage you to start one too. So get your notebook out, get your pen out, and get ready to take notes.

  • Ricky says that the number one thing people need to understand when they start approaching the idea of writing a newsletter is to just write right. He says that the more you write, the better you get at structuring your thoughts and explaining things to people.

  • When approaching a newsletter, the most important thing people need to know is to get writing, to start putting words everywhere around them, and to develop a mindset of trying to explain everything in their own terms.

  • As Ricky knows, I enjoy drawing, so creating images, mind maps, spider diagrams, and things of that nature have always helped me to get my thoughts out. But I'm realizing more and more that writing your words out gives you the opportunity to structure them differently.

  • At the end of the day, taking action is the first step. Get writing, get your ideas out there.

  • For somebody who's new to newsletters, business owner or a personal individual, the next challenge that they normally have to overcome when they begin writing is writer's block. The Bulls player just keep running, and Marshall the former running back for Seattle just banged no matter what.

  • If you have trouble writing, close your eyes and start typing. Let your thoughts flow through into your keyboard and trust your hands to produce the result.

  • To overcome writer's block, you need to learn how to flow naturally with the actions that you're doing. When you write and flow, you overcome the friction of creating, putting your ideas out there on paper.

  • You got on a very early exposure to writing and that gives you the ability to frame your ideas in a way that is unique. I was exposed to drawing because I preferred to draw and that helped me as well.

  • When you draw, do you just draw anything that comes out of your head? No, I think drawing is similar to writing, because you have to understand what's motivating that writing, whether you're putting down ideas or writing something specifically for an intended audience.

  • I used to draw pictures on birthday cards instead of writing thank you notes because I didn't know what words to say.

  • Newsletters have some communication barriers, but the fact that you're able to convey your ideas in writing in text form, is a huge advantage, especially for people who are trying to get into their own tap. One of the great writing exercises that I learned is to try and explain a picture in words, and then let the person see what you explained and ask them how much percentage they understood.

  • If you want to express an idea in a concise way, start with an intended action, like when you're running down the soccer pitch and you're completely focused on the ball and your goal to score. Everything starts to come together to help you achieve that goal.

  • When I draw things melt away, I want to know how to get this cat to come alive on this piece of paper. Having that intention will allow you to bring your words together and make them more concise.

  • If you have a newsletter, follow the Thai newsletters, and if you're stuck, get writing.

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